Sunday Sep 25, 2022

Showtime 1986 – 2022

This Media Center selection includes also VERY EARLY recorded shows for other stations than Popmundial, made by Popmundial. „Showtime“ was since 1976 a weekly Arts and theatre radio show of the Bavarian State Radio (BR Munich) produced/presented by Yours Truly´s mentor, Rainer Wallraf (see my last 1999 goodbye-show for him, posted earlier here), with contributions by […]

James Last Radio since 2010

James Last Radio is boadcasting since Feb, 1st, 2010 Looking back that are 12 years now, that Popmundial decided to push music of a great arranger and bandleader, James Last. Born in Bremen, but mostly known for being in Hamburg, but a world citizen: to be heard now on Easy Radio London and Popmundial Special […]

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