James Last Radio since 2010

James Last Radio´s 13th anniversary in 2021: boadcasting since Feb, 1st, 2010

Looking back that are 12 years now, that Popmundial decided to push music of a great arranger and bandleader, James Last. Born in Bremen, but mostly known for being in Hamburg, but a world citizen:

to be heard now on Easy Radio London

Live showtimes (subject to change) are daily (as on May 10th, 2021):

Monday to Fridays
4am Paris (=10pm ET)
11am Paris (=5am ET)
10pm Paris (full hour), Fridays only half

Saturdays: „James Last Radio Day“
4am Paris (=10pm ET,/Friday still)
7am Paris (=1am ET/Saturdays)
11am Paris (full hour)
1pm Paris
3pm Paris
4pm Paris
7pm Paris
10pm Paris

4am Paris Sunday (=10pm ET Saturday still) – (full hour)
11am Paris Sunday
2pm Paris and
10pm Paris Sunday

Hand-selected by Yours Truly Joe, the producer
Sections are included in the Bert Kaempfert selections
and our 11pm Paris „Good-Night“ (daily)

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Here are some shows in our media centre, live recorded which are available already:

new XXL Show, presented:
mastered July 13th, 2021

„James Last & His Stars“
many tracks „Lp to digital“- Popmundial originals !

Recorded live on June 7th, 2021 – 10pm Paris – presented:

The May 2021 latest two shows – here in one set:

Recorded live on May 19th – 10pm Paris – not presented
Recorded live on May 20th – 10pm Paris – presented

More informations on our podcast library here:
May 19th (57 minutes)
May 20th (90 minutes)

James Last Radio Show, recorded and presented live on April 28th, 2021
including famous singers alongside James Last like, Astrud Gilberto, Lolita, Lale Anderson, George Walker amm.

a James Last Radio show recorded live on April 21st, 2021 on popmundial.co.uk, Popmundial´s EasyRadio London
including some Non Stop Dancing transfers from vinyl

12 years of James Last Radio on  Popmundial !

a Live show, recorded Jan 31st, 2021, 10pm to midnight Paris

including a play-out with the bothers: Robert Last (Les Humphries – piano solo) including the later world hit „Mexico“ as an instrumental) – and Kai Warner,

Some  tracks are rarieties, some  from the ZDF show „Starparade“ and the „Starparade Theme“ in the original version (without claps).

This is the un-editeed – recorded live -version

presented by Yours, Truely Joe, the producer

James Last Radio on Popmundial started Feb 1st, 2010

We´d called out just one hour before the show to send in requests…., listen  to the results

It was a Globetrotting Extra in 2010, which started regular broadcasts of James last music presented on Popmundial.
We started on former Radio 1 Globetrotting, Pop2 Sounds, later Popmundial Easy.

10 years of James Last music on Popmundial started with this live show.

1st Berlin Live show with a 20 min warm-up mix of „Sing mit“ and rare „Non Stop Dancings´“ excerpts; celebrating 10 years of  our contribution to keep this music alive !
This show presents also   some  most uncommon , unknown recordings and compositions by James Last.
Originally broadcasted Saturday, Oct 24th, 2020 – 10.30am to noon Berlin

playlist – LIVE – online
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Midnight Special July 18th, 2020

Midnight Special, unkown

Midnight Special Oct 17th, 2017 – A Non Stop Dancing Extra

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