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Popmundial Radio follows an All Music plan, described by „Joe, the producer“ as “a place where all sorts of music can be played in close juxtaposition, and where listeners who want to know more about the kind of music they don´t know about – can learn about it.” An All Music Centre ! We show you the Variety of Music !

Beach Party (2011-2021)

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If it happened with Catherine Ferry (header picture) on Beach Party #5 or with the initial crew, DJ Mike Fader, DJ Nino Diaz, Mr. Popmundial (Yours Truely), or DJ Beatboxen, later with guest DJ stars like MousseT, Bart and Baker amm: Beach Parties took place either as a public event for example at the 5-Star Hotel Atlantic at Wimereux, France or in private venues, on invitation only.
Happy re-listening ! Yours Truely, Lille 2021

Beach Party #over100+ / #1 of 2021 with Yours Truely
Or BEACH PARTY  Number 1 of 2021

Broadcasted and recorded LIVE on Sunday January 24th, 2021 on Popmundial Special (Session Radio) around 8pm Paris time

Session Radio is since the beginning of 2021 our new new name for Beach Party (Radio)  mixes: you consider a „love session“, a „bdsm session“ or what ever you need foot-tapping music for !

Popmundial is providing it European weekdays evening/night on Popmundial.com select „Special“ !

BEFORE we had over 100 Beach Parties. We stopped counting ! 

Artist / track listing of this show, presented live:

Bicp, Vision of Love
Lello B / Roger Sanchez (BBC), LOVE
Mistress Marta (Kiev), On Your Kness, a popmundial re-edit
Paul Oakenfield (BBC), Come Together
Transglobal Underground, Temple Head, Global Independent
Schiller, Black

an un-realeased, unknown, up-tempo, 2011  former Beach Party mix by Yours Truely Joe,  of 25 minutes: this has survived from „Le Pub“ (Le Touquet), mixed by Yours Truely, now re-named „The Macron files – Making a future President dance !“

Voxtonic, Mysteria
Goldie, Inner City Life
September / Schiller, Breathe
Delirium / Sarah Mc Lachlain, Silence (up-tempo remix)
Rhythm Method, Somebody
Hiroshima, One Wish
Kruder Dorfmeister, High Noon (Chicane  Remix)
Enigma, Boum Boum
Soundtrack of “ La la Land“
Lisa Stansfield
and others

Beach Party #100: July 8th, 2018 with Bart and Baker
in collaboration with JAZZ FM Paris, July, 8th, 2018 – an ELECTRO SWING EPISODE

Beach Party – 2011/unknown: The President Macron Files

In 2010/2011 I was  DJing professionally at many locations in France for Popmundilal Radio London  – Yours Truely being resident DJ at „Le Pub“ at:

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

its the home town of the present President of France ….way back in 2010/2011
I captured some mixes as this SPCIAL ONE:
In front of Brigitte, who likes to dance,  and the future President , M. Macron, I was mixing this ! Not knowing who they were !

For unkown reasins besides many data losses,  THIS HAS SURVIVED !

The demands from the patron were: an internatal mix from Rock to Soul ! Keep the customers drinking Champagne !
Recorded LIVE on USB stick Summer 2011, Le  Pub, Le Touquet, France


At least after „Chain Reaction“ (special mix)  the croks were popping !

Beach Party #20 March 3rd, 2012? with DJ Nino Diaz

Beach Party 12: Oct 11th, 2011 with DJ David Guot and Yours Truely
This is a DJ battle, rediscovered recently,
live from „my living room“ and studio in Wimereux France

This episode goes more into DAB (drums and bass)
Warm-up is by myself, me presenting.

The  episode was planned as a DAB special, this why it starts with  a mostly unknown rap only vocal version of „Beat It“ by late, great Michael Jackson

This episode is entitled „take 2“, which means there must be at least a take 1, too ! I´ll keep on searching, folks !

this was the time and soundtrack when we did Fridays and Satudays at „Le Pub“ at Le Touquet – Paris Plage, where the future M. Le President, M. Macron attended in his home town several times with high security already.

PS: I have the feeling that I hear beloved  dear friend Catherine Ferry  laughing on the background

As this show has been recorded LIVE  in front of a small (on invitation only) audience

DJ Nino Diaz, Beach Party, live from my living room, Wimereux France

Beach Party #5, April 9th, 2011 with DJ Nino Diaz
Since the beginning of 2011 we brought together the best available new-comer DJs for our Beach Parties, which took place as a public event in Wimereux, France. This one hour mix features our resident DJ, Nino Diaz of Boulogne sur Mer !

This episode 5 was mixed and broadcasted absolutly live, on this day ! 

Beach Party took place every two weeks, saturdays between 16 to 20h and was live !

Beach Party #2, early 2011 with Nino Diaz and DJ Michael, part 1 and 2
This was the first DJ battle

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