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Popmundial Radio follows an All Music plan, described by „Joe, the producer“ as “a place where all sorts of music can be played in close juxtaposition, and where listeners who want to know more about the kind of music they don´t know about – can learn about it.” An All Music Centre ! We show you the Variety of Music !

Globetrotting 2000-2023

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A former show gave in 2009 its name to a whole radio channel !
Listen 24/7 Live here:

Globetrotting started already 10 years earlier in 1999:
Popmundial was planned as a radio counter-part to ARTE TV with the name "EUROSHOWTIME" with funds from the European Parliament, the Bavarian State (headed by Mr. Stoiber at that time) and private investors. The planned radio was based in Munich and Vienna in 1999; the first shows were recorded in Munich (at Frankfurter Ring Studio 1) but survived have only the Vienna productions under the name Euroshowtime with British Singer-Songwriter Dana Gillespie, famous for being the original Maria-Magdalena in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber´s musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" and a presenter of public Austrian broadcaster ORF, "Blue Danube Radio", which we were about to take over.

It`s chronologic: the most up-to-date show is on the top:

Globetrotting 2021 / No. 3
new music releases from around the world, round-up June 13th, 2021
track listing

Globetrotting 2021 / No. 2
Popular Music from around the world

Presented live on April 21st, 2021
with some popular music rarities, including

Tanita Tikaram
Marilyn Monroe
Stan Getz amm

Globetrotting 2021 / No. 1
Music in Lockdown

Home-recorded music:

.. overlooking music released or recorded since we met last time !
Home Office made music, some commercial releases - presented, featuring:

Clara Rodriguez, Venezuelan born pianist, living and teaching
in London (VE), Bruno Marollé (F), HK (F), Laura Pausini (I),
Olivia & Chloe Newton-John, John Farnham (AUS),
Mikael Olsen / Rosedale Bluesband (DK) and Pat Matheny.

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Globetrotting 2020 / No. 7 (last of 2020)
It´s a look back to what were the striking new releases in 2020
with interviews, based on the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS of 2020:

New Music - new artists – the last Globetrotting show in this Corona year 2020 !


We start with Corona – the pop group from Italy
in 1993 this was a world hit.
They are Brazilan born Olga de Souza, a model which had a ghost singer, 
Her name Sandy Chambers fom the UK

Corona 1993 - was not yet a name for a virus:
Corona – old Latin / Italian: a Ring or crown
a beer or pop group, football player, cities around the world – long before the virus

in music 
Punk Band Minutemen
and Sting with the Police
Juan Vallejo Corona, born 1934, died 2019 was a US / Mexican serial killer
No comment !


But we beginn withe some Corona VIRUS related new racks in 2020
"News Today" by Black Eyed Peas is  a very moderate reflection on the situation.

Bean is a parody in German language
followed by a real singer songwriter the German band Silbermond SILVERMOON, formemed 1998 in the former GDR 

Our Corona - rhyhm of the night
is a review of MUSIC recorded in 2019/2020
the best songs – presented at the World Music Awards 2020 which we hear in full:

One of the best new comer band is:
JAMBINAI  from Correa returns several times !
A must to know group !

2020 tracks - playout:
Reggae made in France or in Switzerland

Nairuz is a fusion between flamenco and sufi music. 
It is a guitar adjusted sound in combination with turkish vocals and beautiful poetry 

Born 1984 in Mecico City: Natalia Lafourcade 
From her 9th album: Un canto por México, vol. 1

Finally Nigerian Alhousseini Anivolla, a Desert Blues guitarist.

Globetrotting - Live From the Living Room presents: Plan A4

This  LIVE RECORDING by Yours Truely and Popmundial is EXCLUSIVLY showcasing the traditional Folk Music of Boulogne sur Mer, (North of France) with their group PLAN  A4, founded around 2011/12 by Marlene Ghier (bandoneum).

This unendited live in my living room  recording at "old town" Boulogne sur Mer was made on December 2nd, 2012 and was broadcasted LIVE on Popmundial in front of a selected audience.

Celtic Music Rocks ! Live from my living room, recorded in France on October, 18th, 2010:
A showcase of Brittany France
with Anthony Daniel, bag pipe, recorded live in the living room
rare promo CD by Kataje with Anthony Daniels amm.

In October 2010 I picked up a nice guy and bag pipe player litterally on the street ! He was on vaccations from the marine, had a stop-ver in the harbour of Boulogne sur Mer and made some money on the streets and pubs. I invited him to play in my living room...
Well what I learned: the bag pipe player was a household name in the Celtic music industry; whopever arrived in his hometown Brest at the airport was already handed out a CD by him and his group, called Kataje.

Kataje is a fusion between rock and tons of bag pippers; listen to episode 1, please.

Episode 2 starts with a warm up of hits from Brittany and then the concert recorded live in Wimereux, France, October 18th, 2010

Globetrotting: Good Night Rio, Oct 15th, 2010
Globetrotting "Good Night Rio" Series 2020 Number 1
This was the number one revival show of our flagship show !
revised version / edited:
recorded already Oct 15th, 2010 as "Good Night Rio - from the decks" 
repeated as Midnight Speial Friday July 3rd, 2020

Globetrotting: Good Night Rio, October 21st, 2010
Globetrotting "Good Night Rio" Series 2020 number 2
recorded already Oct 21st, 2010 as "Good Night Rio - from the Deck 2: a BOSSA NOVA specical"
re-edit and broadcasted July 10th, 2020 

Globetrotting (ultimo) #1 presenting Dana Gillespie future host of Globetrotting, presented by Yours Truely, Vienna 2000 (unreleased)

This is the first ever show witch originated the name of GLOBETROTTING to Popmundial ! ALL STARTED WITH THIS SHOW !

Recorded at Vienna Sound Studios, Vienna, Summer 2000
UNREASEAD, never broadcasted ! Slightly re-edited in 2020

Presenting the future Presenter of Popmundial
the original first ever "Maria Magdalena" in Andrew Lloyd Webber´s musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" in 1972/73, a singer-songwriter


and of course you gonna hear her in her role of the the first ever Maria Magdalene  at the end !

As far as we know this is the only hearts-to-soul interview ever by Dear Dana ! Here released for the first time .

Producer´s Note:
Popmundial was called Euroshowtime at that time and got funding by the Bavarian State and the Euopean Council. It was a time where we were negotiating a take-over of ORF´s "Blue Danuebe Radio", an English spoken FM radio in that region. But we failed at the GEMA and went to London afterwards. Shortly we run "Radio Baden, Vienna", but had all administrative problems, you can imagine !


It was recorded as EURPOSHOWTIME
Sound Engeneer: Helmut Portele
Production: Dietmar Bohne
Presenter: Dietmar Bohne
Editor-in-Chief: Dietmar Bohne
copyright Popmundial Radio

The ultimate No. 2 show recorded in 2000 in Vienna by Dana Gillespie for us (unrealed on air):

Globetrotting GDR (DDR) a two part history of GDR "Music History"
originated in Jan 1st, 1993, re-produced and material added in Summer 2009 for Popmundial Radio:

It started with a 33 minute feature presented in German language, recorded by myself, Yours the producer of Popmundial, for former RIAS BERLIN in 1993, Broadcasted for the very first time on Jan 1st 1994 (11pm) on DeutschlandRadio Berlin, the successor !

This mini programm produced 1 million postcards, which I have never read but only have seen !

I enriched the material in 2009, re-recorded it in English. This version!

An overhaul is long overdue as new information and material emmerged which is not yet includied in this 90 minute production, which is going online September 2020

If you want to contribute to a re-edit, please get in touch !

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