2. Februar 2023


Popmundial Radio follows an All Music plan, described by „Joe, the producer“ as “a place where all sorts of music can be played in close juxtaposition, and where listeners who want to know more about the kind of music they don´t know about – can learn about it.” An All Music Centre ! We show you the Variety of Music ! ——————————————————————————————————————————————–POPMONDIAL de POPMUNDIAL: Popmundial Radio suit un plan All Music, décrit par "Joe, le producteur" comme "un endroit où toutes sortes de musique peuvent être jouées en juxtaposition étroite, et où les auditeurs qui veulent en savoir plus sur le genre de musique qu'ils ne connaissent pas à propos de – peut en apprendre davantage. " À tous les centres musicaux ! Nous vous montrons la variété de la musique!

Please Donate !

The Popmundial Radio Appreciation Fundraiser:

YOUR giving is the sign for your loving to my radios !
I shall provide you with the variety of music in return !

My „hand for“ music selections is know since I was a child, barely 14 years old. At 20 I did the first „real mix“ for top VIP“ parties.
I managed to „mix“ with a cassette player and a record player – without mixing console ! Everybody enjoyed it ! That was 1974/1981 before I mixed the big sessions 20 years later.

My music streams (radios) – now – do not carry any advertisement at all !!! That is my policy ! I don´t like it either to be interrupted in enjoying a film or concert by ads. I hope, you, too !
Only the web-based platforms and portals may carry ads or product placements.

The business is based on YOUR FUNDING in order to keep up the good service for free !

With your help, the radio will overcome the Corona year, which made much of our funding disappear.

Your giving is the sign for your loving !
Your free radio service needs in minimum approx. €1000 per month for the running of our three radios to just cover the expenditures.

I recently had to cut down from 8 radios online already !

Every little helps !
Let´s look for some form of
„The radio will survive with your help !“ funding !

I will provide justice to your giving:
A donation can spread joy and make things happen, like:

  • the podcasts,
  • the streaming services
  • the websites (popmundial.com and popmundialradio.com)
  • new music shows with star presenters or on special interests
  • midnight special and globetrotting shows, feature productions
  • Special interest music selections
  • new public Beach Parties or other events
  • to buy „new music“ in addition to our existing about 2 million tracks
  • expand with terristic or satellite distribution, may be in future
  • last-but-not-least pay outsourced services at third parties
  • cover the expenditures and investment, unpaid time
  • and make a living from it someday

Popmundial is a private owned business, distributed responsibilities between Boulogne sur Mer, Lille (France), Amsterdam (NL) and Berlin in this London based enterprise.

Don´t hesitate to aks question ! Please use email or other formats (links on the website popmundial.com).

Popmundial, showing you the Variety of Music !
Your share is the cause of someone’s smile !

Our crowdfunding is operated by WhyDonate. If you don´t see the php block below, will you please use the black button above this line.

Due to the medial state of my family members (business partners) in the years 2011-2020 (Alzheimer and Dementia) I had to commute from London or Boulogne sur Mer in order to take over my responsibilities as a single raised child in Germany. Public care is just a „talk“ and not granted to everybody ! In that time the business was obviously neglected. I tried to „keep it up“ without you noticing as much as I could…. My apologies !

99,9 % of what you donate arrives ! Please give a tip to the collecting service !
Thank You !
Yours Truely Joe

Here are SOME credentials, at least some:

Juristisches Staatsexamen Erlangen,
Referendariat m. Schwerpunkt Öffentliches Recht an der LMU München,
Nebenstudium: Musikwissenschaft, Journalismus, LMA München;

Journalistische -,Produzenten Schwerpunkte:
1984-2000 arts/showbusiness journalist ARD, RIAS BERLIN, BR, WDR 2, DLF
1986 – 1996 Pionier mit Radio F Nürnberg
1989 Gründung Nachrichtenredaktion Radio Arabella München
1989 Gründung Musikredaktion Antenne 1 Stuttgart, Assistenz
2000-2006 freelance producer BBC Radios 2-6
2009 und heute: Entrepreneur, owner of Popmundialradio.com

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