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Popmundial Radio follows an All Music plan, described by „Joe, the producer“ as “a place where all sorts of music can be played in close juxtaposition, and where listeners who want to know more about the kind of music they don´t know about – can learn about it.” An All Music Centre ! We show you the Variety of Music ! ——————————————————————————————————————————————–POPMONDIAL de POPMUNDIAL: Popmundial Radio suit un plan All Music, décrit par "Joe, le producteur" comme "un endroit où toutes sortes de musique peuvent être jouées en juxtaposition étroite, et où les auditeurs qui veulent en savoir plus sur le genre de musique qu'ils ne connaissent pas à propos de – peut en apprendre davantage. " À tous les centres musicaux ! Nous vous montrons la variété de la musique!

Showtime 1986 – 2022

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This Media Center selection includes also VERY EARLY recorded shows for other stations than Popmundial, made by Popmundial.

„Showtime“ was since 1976 a weekly Arts and theatre radio show of the Bavarian State Radio (BR Munich) produced/presented by Yours Truly´s mentor, Rainer Wallraf (see my last 1999 goodbye-show for him, posted earlier here), with contributions by Yours Truly already since 1980.

Rainer Wallraf (left) and myself at the Bayerische Rundfunk Munich, recording his last show in 1999

Since late 1986 I presented/produced for 10 years a „Ton Ab!“ – special Sunday evening show for the first private radio in Bavaria, Radio F Nuremberg, presenting „music specialities between classical music and rock ´n roll“.

There were two big names in music theatre journalism in Germany covering the likes of „Cats“ & Co. in the 80s/90s: Rainer Wallraf (BR) and Siggi Schmid-Joos (SFB); both my mentors. I became No. 3  with an own show called „Antennen-Gala“ at now called RBB Antenne Brandenburg, formerly ORB, but also prior to this contributed for RIAS BERLIN and other ARD radio channels.

There was a smal episode this show was called „Euroshowtime“.

Back since the beginning of 2021 in almost monthly shows – exclusively for Popmundial Radio. Popmundial started broadcasting in November 2009 but „showtimes“ were occasionally (original early 2010 picture, from the archive) – the screens were not yet flat and the desktops so big that they are seen under the table):

The latest

Showtime 2021 / #6 of May 11th, 2021 (re-edit version)
40 years of CATS, the musical

including interviews with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Mackintosh, Gillian Lynne, Trevor Nunn, Elaine Paige, Peter Weck and others
Also playing the original version of the later world hit „Memory“, which was recorded for demo purposes in early January 1981 by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, playing the synthesizer and Gary Moore (guitar).

The Final Curtain on Opening Night, May 11th, 1981 with the creative team: Trevor Nunn, left, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Nappier and Gillian Lynne (right)
from the Opening Scene of „Cats“

Showtime 2021 / #5 of April, 26th, 2021
Beat, Rock and Politics in the former GDR (presented in German):
„Music Across Borders“
[We gonna dedicate an own folder to this show soon]

The former GDR was an island of dreams, reflecting on the lyrics put into music. Each line of the lyrics, each word had a double meaning.

It was a reach out for freedom with music; The government and officials soon realised this and found strict reglementations, restricting the bands.

This show, presented by Yours Truly, is the enhanced version of a  December 1993 short feature made at RIAS BERLIN, but broadcasted on the first day of DeutschlandRadio Kultur, January 1st, 1994.  It produced ONE MILLION POSTCARDS in response ! I´ve never have seen them !
 It was never a „West“ on the „East“ view, but journalistic research,
an attempt to discover what drove GDR musicians and politicians.

original full version information here
German language version:

English version of 2008 (part 1 and part 2):

Finallya our video teaser production of 2008 on YouTube:

Showtime 2021 / #4 of April 1st, 2021
Celebrating 150 Years of the Royal Albert Hall London
Inaugurated March 29th, 1871

The Royal Albert Hall is amongst the best known concert halls in the world. Located in London´s borough of Chelsea & Kensington
on the northern edge. One of the United Kingdom’s most treasured and distinctive buildings.

Who-ever performed in this hall, left memorable foot-prints !

In this show, presented by Yours Truly Joe, you gonna witness rare live recordings from the venue, including memorable moments of:
incl. Leonard Slatkin & BBC Symphony Orchestra
Gustavo Dudamel & Youth Orchestra of Venezuela (European debut rarity);
also James Last (in a rare recording made by R.A.H. ) (as most played foreign artist ever), BERT KAEMPFERT (1st ever live concert).
A rare 13th Eurovision Song Contest in 1968 at the R.A.H. and a set of memorable pop gigs by Robbie Williams, Simply Red, Coldplay, Dire Straits, Gary Moore, Eric  Clapton (most played artist at the hall) and
25th anniversary of Phantom of the Opera, by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (a live televised event across cinemas).

ALL TRACKS – RECORDED – LIVE at  the Royal Albert Hall, London

Showtime 2021/No.3 of March 27th, 2021

A Teaser show of great Hollywood and Broadway stars, presented:
It´s Musical Time:
The best of shows ever … in one show !

This show includes original soundtracks of the  stage versions of:

Lion King (French Version), Elton John, Tim Rice
Evita (Spanish Version),  Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice
A Chorus Line (Japanese version), Marvin Hamlisch, Edward Kleban

Presented by Yours Truly Joe
produced in France
March 27th, 2021 – broadcasted live 9:55pm and 2am next day PARIS TIME (CET), which became due to clocks`forward night 3am !

Showtime 2021/No. 2:
recorded March 22nd as a „midnight special , midnight Paris

There were three journalists on the continent reporting about show business: Siggi Schmidt Jooes (SFB Berlin), Rainer Wallraf (BR Munich) and and myself… I WILL SURVIVE !

Some hits of today´s show:

Andrew Lloyd Webber about his new musical show opening in London (soon), also memories to „Phantom“, the composer playing his own songs on piano in „home office“

Andrew bought the PALLADIUM – memories  from 1990 and Judy Garland, in 1964 introducing her daughter Liza Minnelli, who tuned 75 this year

Other notable events:
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 2021/03/20  First Covid-19 concert LIVE with 1000 people in Berlin
the Grammy Award winning song

Andrew Loyd Webber playing the synthy with with Gary Moore (g) on a demo to promote the at that time time upcoming stage show of CATS, 1981

Showtime 2021/No. 1:
podcast only so far, recorded January 22nd, 2021
For my first show in 2021 I selected a Dear friend of mine, who is not really a radio presenter; she is „just“ famous for being the first ever „Grizzabella“ in the musical „CATS“ in collaboration with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The show is co-presented by musical star Elaine paige („Cats“) to introduce you to the new Corona season in theatre in London, showcasing a brand new song by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Since 2004 Elaine Paige is hosting her personality show on music theatre at BBC Radio 2. In  2007 caused by the the death of top act, Sheridan Morley, this show  sadly has become the only Arts show remaining on BBC Radio.

37 years of showbusiness have passed ever since.
playlist at our podcast centre

photo copyright: Mariusz Kubik

Charles Azanvour:
„I want to be remembered for the music“,
Charles Aznavour in an interview with us.

Charles Aznavour 
22 May 1924 – 1 October 2018
was an Armenian-French singer, songwriter and actor. He was one of France’s most popular and long lasting singers, and also one of the most well-known French singers in other countries.

Just few hours after his death Popmundial selected some of his greatest hits.
It was originally planned to integrate the clips to be heard on Vol. 2 now, but we decided to let the music speak.

Well, so too speak ? Producer´s/presenter´s note: „It was already very late when the news of his deth broke. I was too tired already to build a feature production. So I kept it with what Mr. „Cellophan Man“ (musical „Chicago“) once told me in an interview in London: „I want to be remembered for my music!“

So I selected this 3 hour show LIVE, edited just in 2021 for this media centre:“

Live broadcast on the evening of Ocober 1st, 2018
Vol. 1

Vol. 2
Live appearances with Judy Garland´s daughter, Liza Minelli, in whihch is tries to teach Liza to sing in French 
or one memorable last ever TV show appearances of him singing a duett with French new-comer singer-songwriter ZAZ, are amongst other raities

But he will be remembered also for some funny interviews. Her are some unreleased materials: it´s a collage of rarities, made by some collegues and myself, which didn´t make it into the show in 2018, moaning his death.

Charles Aznavour was – no doubt – one of the French Chanson singer-composers legends. He crossed our path many time; these are some rare recordings, which didnt fit in in our R.I.P. show in 2018, the cut-outs:

Showtime: The Art of Michel Legrand

Michel Legrand
24 February 1932, Paris – 26 January 2019
was a French musical composer, arranger, conductor, and jazz pianist. He was a prolific composer, having written over 200 film and television scores, in addition to many songs. He won three Oscars and five Grammys.

Broadcasted as a Popmundial Special on Jan 26th, 2019

Another icon of musisc industry is Herb Alpert ! Trumpet Player, sound creator and entrepreneur of A&M Records to discover the likes of Janet Jackson or Brazil 66 (pictured here with its lead singer and later wife, Lani Hall). German version, produced probably for the German ARD station now known as RBB (Berlin):

The Simon Bell Shows

Dusty Springfield remembered by her last producer, Simon Bell, a former member of the James Last Choir: recorded for Popmundial in 2010. Dusty’s backing singer from 1978 onwards, now organises „Dusty Day“ with Pat Rhodes, Dusty’s former secretary (http://www.dustyday.co.uk/). Next concert in 2022 due to the epidemic situation.

Broadcasted August 31st, 2010
as series 1 / episode 18 of 20



Simon Bell was the last ever producer of late, great Dusty Springfield, who passed away in March 1999, also a personal friend,
a member of the backing chorus for Dusty, and
he was also  part of the James Last Singers for  over the last years

This is a very personal look of Simon on this great British singer, he adored so much !

recorded in London by Simon Bell
for Popmundial.com
Photos Duty Day

The Simon Bell Show #1

presents from
Series 1 / Episode 1/20
recorded in London
Broadcasted April 28th, 2010

Showtime for Rainer Wallraf, long-time collegue at the ARD / Bavarian State Radio Munich, produced by Popmundial for the BR to become his last ever radio show in December 1999:

from our EARLY  beginnings,
a production made at T12 of broadcasting house in Munich for

Bayerischer Rundfunk
Radio 2
sound engeneer: Ingrid Hecker (BR)

originally broadcasted Thursday March 25th, 1999 at 11pm

It is a showdown for Rainer, an influencer and mentor for myself, me Yours the producer Joe, at the same time an honour to produce his last ever show for the BR.

At the same time it is  reviewing parts of my life between 1976 to 1999 what helped to form what we know now as Popmundial, which was called Euroshowtime at that stage and got funding by the European Commission and support by the Bavarian head of State, Edmund  Stoiber.

DJ Bohne
RBB / formerly ORB/Antenne Brandenburg
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Rainer Wallraf

With contributions by
Peter Weck, Vienna (theatre producer)
Harold Prince, N.Y.C.(theatre producer)
Michael Kunze, Florida (writer, musician)
Rainer Wallraf, Munich

Note: this show is presented in German


recorded LIVE on Berlin Radio on the 28th July, 1996
recorded LIVE (un-edit; just the live news ARE EDITED)

A already Popmundial production
for the fomer ORB- now RBB / Antenne Brandenburg
presented in German, interviews in English

Antennen Gala
Sundays 19 – 21h Belin 
production of Popmundial Radio 
presentation by Yours Truely  Joe,:


Interviews with Phil Collins, Quiny Jones and Tony Bennett

Live recordings – copyright Popmundial Radio / 62digita.fr
made at Montreux 1996
with the WDR Bigband conducted by Quiny Jones, Phll Collins, drums,
Tony Bennett vocals
Simply Red amm

original Sound / Monteux by Dietmar Bohne
co-sound  engeneering  / production by by  DDR  Studio, Potsdam

including LIVE reports of Atlanata 1996, Olympic GamesS

copyright Popmundial London

Remebering the 30th Montreux Jazz Festival in 1996, a production by ours, made for the ARD station „Antenne Brandenburg“ (ORB), later known as RBB / Antenne Brandenburg – presented in German:

Finally some more impressions from the years, who have passed by:

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